Adventures in My Father's World: Week 2

by Dani

Week 2 of Adventures in My Father's World is over. For Bible we talked about the name of Jesus and it's meaning (the Lord saves). And we begin a names of Jesus poster which we will add to all year.

History this week focused on Christopher Columbus. In addition to the readings provided by MFW, we read the book Pedro's Journal as a read aloud. I really thought it added a good balance to the issues of Columbus and hid treatment of the native populations he encountered. As part of our activities we build the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria out of foil and stick and "sailed" them across a tub of water. The kids loved getting to play in the water and I'm afraid the ships were capsized before it was over!!

Science this week focused on the scientific process and also on air. We did a few experiments to see how air moves things like boats across water thanks to sails. :)


We continued our reviews of math facts and handwriting for both Butterfly and Cricket. And we begin our into to Spanish with our first Salsa video. All thee children seem to really like the Salsa program. Hope it lasts!