Christmas 2012

by Dani

We were home this year for Christmas again this year. Being able to stay at home and enjoy a quite Christmas is so nice. We were able to continue our Christmas tradition of homemade pizzas shaped like Christmas items. We did a tree, candy cane, and snowman. The kids helped with the decorating.



We opened the traditional one gift on Christmas Eve followed by the Christmas Eve service at church.

Took pictures in front of the tree. The kids actually cooperated this year. :)

Christmas morning the kids were up early and begging to open the rest of their gifts! Imagine that! LOL. Here are some highlights from that.

Of course, there was the traditional breakfast of danish made by Daddy and pancakes shaped like gingerbread men and teddy bears. Plus the big Christmas Dinner in early afternoon with Grandpa and Aunt J. Lots of good food had by all! We finished off the day with our crystal Christmas tree project... so fun! All and all a great holiday!