Happy, Happy Birthday Lil' Bug!!!

by Dani

Today my sweet, funny, happy Lil' Bug turned THREE years old!! Wow, wow, wow!! My baby is three! Really doesn't seem possible. He still seems so little. :) Still I can see that Lil' Bug is really growing up everyday.

He learns new words and gets better at saying them. He finds new things to get into. He learns how to do more and more things all on his own. His sense of humor is really developing. He is such a boy in that regard. He LOVES slap stick comedy. Oh, you fell off the couch? HAHAHAHAA, so funny! Oh, you hit yourself in the eye? HAHAHAHAHA, this is crazy funny stuff!! Silly little man!

He loves to be tickled. He loves to spin around and around and around.  He loves to wrestle. He loves to pretend to sword fight. Just tonight I walked into the living room to find Cricket shadow boxing around him while Lil' Bug took wild swings with a foam saber!

He loves to play outside on the bikes or the trampoline or the slide. He loves to kick and throw, well, everything. And he loves, loves, loves his electronic gadgets. Boy is crazy smart at playing computer games. Really, crazy smart.

When I look back at all he learned to do this last year, I can not even imagine where he will be a year from now. Love you tons, my sweet, sweet boy!!

(P.S. What not quite 3 yr old is THIS happy getting a hair cut???)