Labybug is FIVE!!!!

by Dani

EEEKKKK!! Princess Ladybug is FIVE!!! Boy has she gotten to be a big girl recently. Just in the last month or two I have seen such an increase in her level of maturity. She is doing a much better job of controlling her ADHD tendencies. She is usually a willing helper and loves to be doing whatever mommy is. She has begged to do school work (NO, I am NOT officially starting her) and even practices writing her letters. She also spends more time occupying herself without the need of direction form me. It's been very, very nice to see her start to blossom.

Ladybug is also following in her sister's footsteps in enjoying dance and singing. Ladybug can often be heard singing a song she hear in church or a hymn we are learning in school or the latest kids song from a movie. Everything she does, she does with her whole self so all that singing is at the top of her lungs. :) Ladybug has quite the zest for life and her personality takes no prisoners. So lookout world! And we'll see what all Miss Ladybug conquers in her second half decade. :)

Happy Fifth Birthday to One Feisty Ladybug!