Adventures in My Father's World: Week 10

by Dani

This week in Adventures in My Father's World, we learned about Jesus as the Giver of Living Water. in our Bible. So science this week was about water. We learned about how water socks through things and moves up things as it is absorbed. One of these experiments didn't exactly work that well, but it was still fun.

In history this week we learned about the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson. and the Revolutionary War. One of our activities was to make Hasty Pudding. No one liked it but momma. Later in the week we made ink out of blueberries and used quills to write. The girls really loved this.

This week we finished the My Father's World recommend read aloud, Sarah Whitcher's Story, and stated another read aloud called Troliver's Secret. Both books are great reads for this age range!

We also continued learning about The Nutcraker. And Mommy and Butterfly went to see a local ballet group preform the ballet on Saturday. Lots of fun!