Adventures in My Father's World: Week 4

by Dani

This week in Adventures we learned about Jesus, the Light of The World. We begin the memorization of our verse John 8:12. We are also working to learn the Proverbs from 1st as Cricket goes through them so I am using an idea I got from Simply Charlotte Mason. I have a little box with dividers and we read/say the verses daily until we know them. Then we move that verse out to odd or even days only, then we move it out to one day a week, then finally out to once a month to keep it in our memory. It's a pretty cleaver system. You can see a video explaining it here. I do a similar thing with the hymns I am teaching the kids. 

For our Bible craft this week we decorated candles to remind us that Jesus is the Light. :)


Science this week focused on the universe and stars, particularly our closest star the sun. We also learned a bit about gravity. We did a few simple activities and also watched the Magic School Bus videos that go along with these topics. (The kids all love Magic School Bus.)

In history this week our focus was on Native Americans. Obviously it had to be a very quick overview but we still managed to cover a lot! For our activities we made a wigwam and a tepee. The wigwams were very frustrating to the kids because they kept falling apart but in the end I think both turned out nice.

A few other pictures from the week... Ladybug doing a puzzle, Cricket working on his verse handwriting practice, and your daily dose of Mr. Cute, aka Lil' Bug.