A Birthday and Two Family Days....

by Dani

My little blog hiatus earlier in the year caused me to skip blogging about someone's birthday.

Lil'Bug turned 5 right before the end of the year! Don't ask me how he is 5 already, but he is! Since his birthday is so close to major holidays we decided to wait for his party until a few weeks into January. Waiting was hard on the little guy, but basically having 3 rounds of presents (birthday, Christmas, birthday party) made up for it. He asked for a " 'tuga cake" (Tortuga HQ) from the Wild Kratts show. The party was a movie party featuring one of his favorite flicks The LEGO Movie on a large screen. It was a big hit. :)


February saw the celebration of our first year with Little Miss Thing, AKA Dragonfly.

This baby girl has come a long, long way in that year! She is sweet and sassy and spunky and smart. She has most people completely wrapped around her little finger. Truly she has been a great addition to our family! I promise to write a more detailed update on her soon.

Picture from our one year post placement report.

Picture from our one year post placement report.

In March we celebrated 6 years with this young lady....

Ladybug is still our funny, silly, crazy DRAMA girl. But recent months have shown development in her strong leadership skills, her thoughtful kindness, and her servant heart. We are indeed blessed to have her in our family.

Easter 2015

by Dani

Easter Sunday.

One of my favorite days of the year.

Sunrise service.

Potluck breakfast after.

Children's choir Easter show.

Sunday service.

Lunch with many friends.

Easter egg hunt.