End Of Year Activities (2014)

by Dani

One most post in the spirit of tying up loose ends from 2014....

December sees a lot of programs and activities for the kids.

American Heritage Girls have their awards ceremony. Butterfly got a few new badges. But the big deal was Ladybug getting her Joining Award. She was very proud. 


The church children's choir had their annual Christmas show. Butterfly had a solo and both girls had some lines. I didn't get many pictures because the fog machine was so heavy they just didn't turn out well. It was a supper cute and fun production however.

And there was also the dance production for Christmas. The studio does the same Christmas production every year. It's really wonderful to watch each time. This year Butterfly danced in both show in 2 different numbers one for ballet and one for hiphop. Ladybug only danced in one show but was in two numbers as well, one for ballet and one for jazz.

The girls in their ballet costumes.

I didn't get many pictures from Ladybug's dances and none that turned out very well, but she was supper cute and did a great job.

Butterfly I got a lot more pictures of especially her ballet dance. I didn't get many good ones from her hip hop dance since she was toward the back and there was a big group on stage.

Some November 2014 Loose Ends

by Dani

The problem with not blogging for a few months is that I still have things I meant to blog about, and they feel like they are hanging around over my head. So I thought I would throw them altogether in one or two  long posts. So to tie up some loose ends....

In November, we celebrated Butterfly's family day by going to our local Children's museum. The kids had a ton of fun. It was Dragonfly's first time there. She did enjoy herself a lot. 

The last picture cracks me up because it was taken as we were leaving. Daddy and the older kids were all in the huge kaleidoscope. Miss Dragonfly was ready for her nap and was NOT impressed. :)

November also saw Ladybug's 7th birthday and her party. She wanted a swimming party so that is what she got. :) This was extra special because while Butterfly and Cricket always have water parties with their summer birthday, Ladybug has never had something like this. It was a big hit and nice not to have to clean the house for me. :) She asked for a "Frozen" cake. Not my favorite cake I've done, but she was very happy.

The Restaurant

by Dani

We recently brought the play kitchen up from the basement and but it in the livingroom so Dragonfly could play with it whenever she wants. All the kids got into playing restaurant again. Cricket and Dragonfly cooked and Ladybug was waiting tables. Lil' Bug was the one customer.